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Mobility Software Documents
Wheelchair mobility training software operation manuals.

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Wheelchair Net Software Guide

for Wheelchair Net Software Version 2.1


Welcome to the ORI Applied Computer Simulation Labs' Wheelchair Net software. Wheelchair Net is an advanced virtual environment simulation program designed to help orthopedically challenged individuals learn to more safely and effectively operate a powered wheelchair by practicing wheelchair driving maneuvers in a virtual environment.

The Wheelchair Net software takes advantage of the latest computer gaming technology, including advanced 3-D real-time rendering, 3-D spatial sound, and Internet connectivity for multi-user virtual spaces. The potential for this remarkable technology as it pertains to wheelchair mobility training has just begun to be investigated, and the Wheelchair Net software is one of the first applications for this technology designed specifically to help teach motor skills for wheelchair operation.

This project is funded by a grant from the US Department of Education. This software is free, but if you use it we ask that you contact us so we may track its usage.