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  • Default font size
  • Decrease font size

Version History for WheelchairNet

Changed for version 2.1: 9/15/2004

  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.


Changed for version 2.0:  12/3/2003

  • New graphics and sounds in all worlds
  • Added VoIP
  • New audio server
  • Text-To-Speech support
  • Sounds-on-mouseover for all menu items added (for vision-impaired users)
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Improvements and fixes for "Performance Test"
  • "User Registration Info" collected, stored, and uploaded to server
  • "Achievement net messages" now only get sent when user exceeds max skill level
  • Added exit confirmation when 'esc' is pressed


Changed for version 1.9:  3/12/2003
  • Fixed bugs:
    • "Info Screen" key was disabled
    • Portaling in online mode would lock up client
  • Added "Exit" button to all submenues in menu system


Changed for version 1.8:  1/30/2003
  • Menu system
  • Landmarks
  • "One-Click Launching" feature
  • Network join collision detection
  • Network packets not sent during inactivity
  • Collision map editor
  • Reworked dataserver classes


Changed for version 1.7:  10/18/2002
  • Performance test world
  • Dynamic Skill Levels
  • Wheelchair adjustment allows the user to customize the performance of the avatar to match their wheelchair model, setting the location of the chair's turning axis.  The speed of the chair can be scaled up and down to match the user's wheelchair model and driving skill.
  • User list available within the world by typing <tab>.
  • Various fixes to intermittent problems.


Changed for version 1.6:  9/11/2002
  • The headtracker gets loaded once on startup instead of every time a world is loaded.  A "please wait" dialog now informs the user that Nebula stuff is being loaded (the headtracker takes forever to initalize.)
  • F1 now brings up a help screen
  • Portal system implemented, but not yet added to the worlds.
  • Required small change to network code - sudden movements of long distances (like portals) cause guests to "jump" immediately instead of lerping.


Changed for version 1.5:   8/28/2002

Objects and sounds that get shared between worlds now have their own
space in the scenegraph.  /usr/share/scene is for shared stuff,
and /usr/local/scene is for world-specific stuff.  This will make it
easier and more efficient to manualy switch or portal between worlds.

The SDL library would occasionally cause a crash when exiting Nebula.
The functions that shut down SDL were in the wcAvatar destructor, and
there was no way to guarantee that the kernel would not destroy the
avatar before it destroyed the guiserver.  Of course, the guiserver
needs to be destroyed first so it can release any SDL surfaces it may
be using.  So now SDL gets initialized and destroryed by the kernel.

The sounds were not well-behaved when loading a world, and would make
all sorts of ugly noise until the scene had loaded and rendered a few
frames.  This has hopefully been fixed.


Changed for version 1.4:   7/22/2002

The "loading please wait" message and "user info" text are now handled
by the GUI Server.