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Mouse and Joystick Input for WheelchairNet

It is possible to alter the input map for the WheelchairNet system. The input map refers to a configuration script that controls which buttons on a mouse or joystick activate specific actions in the training environments. Once WheelchairNet is installed, the input map script file can be located here:


It is recommended that if you decide to edit the inputmap.tcl script that you make a copy of the original script to preserve the default values. Also note that changes made to the inputmap.tcl script will not apply until you have restarted WheelchairNet.

The inputmap.tcl script is below. Note the red-colored text: btn0, btn1, and btn2. These refer to the three buttons on a 3-button mouse. As configured by default:

  • button 1 (btn0) refers to a left-mouse-click.
  • button 2 (btn1) refers to a right-mouse-click.
  • button 3 (btn2) refers to a middle-mouse button click.

Joysticks are configured similarly, with btn0 being the primary "Fire" button on a joystick.

Comments in the code below explain other input mapping assignments from the keyboard.


Version History for WheelchairNet

Changed for version 2.1: 9/15/2004

  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.


Changed for version 2.0:  12/3/2003

  • New graphics and sounds in all worlds
  • Added VoIP
  • New audio server
  • Text-To-Speech support
  • Sounds-on-mouseover for all menu items added (for vision-impaired users)
  • OGG Vorbis support
  • Improvements and fixes for "Performance Test"
  • "User Registration Info" collected, stored, and uploaded to server
  • "Achievement net messages" now only get sent when user exceeds max skill level
  • Added exit confirmation when 'esc' is pressed