Applied Computer Simulation Labs

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Science Software Documents
Science education software operation manuals, and related materials.

Sun, Earth, and Moon (S.E.M.) Software Guide

for Software Version 1.4


Welcome to the ORI Applied Computer Simulation Labs' Sun, Earth, and Moon (S.E.M.) software. S.E.M. is an advanced virtual environment simulation program designed to help orthopedically challenged individuals study how the phases of Earth's moon operate. Although the software is designed to be easy to use by orthopedically challenged individuals, it is a unique learning tool for any individual who has a desire to better understand the basic mechanics and physics of of Earth's moon as it relates to the changing phases of the Moon we see from Earth.

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Virtual Doppler Software Guide

for Software Version 0.9b


Welcome to the ORI Applied Computer Simulation Labs' Virtual Science Lab: Doppler Shift (Virtual Doppler) software. Virtual Doppler provides a virtual science lab learning environment where students are able to experiment with simulated physical variables that make it easier to understand the real-world physics of the acoustic doppler shift phenomenon. The Virtual Doppler software takes advantage of the latest computer gaming technology, including advanced 3-D real-time graphic rendering, and 3-D spatial sound.