Applied Computer Simulation Labs

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Wheelchair Mobility Projects

Wheelchair Mobility Training Environments:

The wheelchair mobility training environments are designed to help children with severe orthopedic impairments learn to drive aMobility Logo powered wheelchair safely. The Virtual Reality-based software makes use of 3-D computer gaming technology to improve the student's motor skills by providing interactive training spaces that encourage turning, stopping, and obstacle avoidance driving maneuvers with the use of an appropriately chosen joystick.

The software collects data regarding the student's driving performance in the training environments and rewards them with merits of achievement, while it gradually alters the physics of the training environment to make the driving experience more realistic and challenging as their skills improve. Three wheelchair mobility training environments are currently being developed. Each training space is designed to progressively challenge the student while allowing Internet connectivity so, for example, the student has the opportunity to drive in the training space with her or his teacher, or other student drivers connected to the system over the Internet. The Wheelchair Mobility Training software is funded by a grant from the US Department of Education. If you use this software regularly we kindly ask that you contact us to report its usage for our records.

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